Download rxncon

Here you can download rxncon version
as Web2py Application Download
Source / Linux Download Installation guide
Windows Download Installation guide
Os X Download Installation guide

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Download vizmap file

Here you can download a property vizmap file for Cytoscape
Vizmap file Download


To use rxncon you need also to install programs listed below

rxncon works under Firefox 17 (IE currently not supported)
python 2.6/2.7
BioNetGen (required for PD and SBML))
Perl (required for BioNetGen))
LibSBML (required for PD))
Cytoscape (required for regulatory graph))


On Windows
On Linux

On Windows

Configuration and additional programmes

Before you can start using rxncon you have to make some local configurations in the Configure menu at the rxncon website.


Installation of BioNetGen

Installation of Cytoscape

Installation of Biographer

Updating rxncon